Core Cut Masonry Saw CC500M 14" Honda 4.8hp Honda

$3,225.00 $2,505.00

Features and Benefits:

  • Variety of power options
  • Stay level blade guard
  • Removable cutting head
  • Leg kit standard - folding stand optional
  • Sude carrying handles
  • Includes water pump
  • Vulcanized rubber coated materials slide cart
  • Easy and safe access to depth control lock
  • Heavy duty frame design help resist damage to saw body
  • SImple yet strong design allows easy maintenance

Maximum Depth of Cut: 5”
Blade Shaft Diameter: 7/8”
Arbor Diameter: 1”
Blade Shaft Bearings: Flange block ball bearings
Blade Shaft Drive: 2 belt
Blade Mounting: Right (electric), Left (gas)
Blade Raise/Lower: Counterbalanced, spring tensioned head pivots on two 7/8” flange block bearings
Blade Coolant: Dual spray tubes, pump fed (electric models), pump from tray (gas models)
Air Filter: 3-stage cyclone (gas models)
Fuel Capacity: 1 gallon (gas models)
High Temp Shut-off: Included (electric models)